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The Midnight Sun Area List

A forest and castle south of SaldoldiaAbandoned manor
Ancient Wizard's StudyArea of the Pygmy
Astrologer's officeAuction House
Caverns of IceCentral Castle
CerthuniaDante's Inferno
Desert & SteppeDragon Graveyard
Drupacia, the forgotten realmsEldarian
EverlundFarsea Ocean
Forgotten MinesGondorff's House of Betting
Good and EvilHaven
Hawzo family mansionHercyna
IlupellaIsland of Arcanarton
Ivory TowerKadaul Mountain
KurlyLands of Llorien
Lands of RamellaLesumnon
Lord and Lady CastlesManetheren
Midnight Sun UniversityNewbie Forest
Ogre lairPyramid of Sunshine
RashRealm of the Raven
Shaolin EmpireSmargash
Sorcerer's GroveStonecoast village and castle
Summoner's TowerTeffan
ThalanarThe Black Cathedral
The Gambler houseThe Grasslands and Drelexor Castle
The Lands of ParsecThe Midnight Sun Daily
The Soul MenagerieThe Temple of Set
The altars of the GodsThe chapel
The hunts of Midnight SunThe realm of Aaga the Sage
The sewers under EverlundThe village of Karinia
TheatreToken Forest
Tower of WindsTown of Durindil
Trapper campTyr


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