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The Guilds of Midnight Sun

Guilds are one of the most interesting experiences for adventurers under the Midnight Sun. Much of the power in Midnight Sun emanates from the magics of the gods. As a member of a guild, you will have the benefit of certain powers your god bestows upon you. Newbies may try out any of the guilds at no cost. They may try one, then change to another if they prefer. Once a player reaches level 4 they will lose experience if they decide to change guilds. The experience they lose will be equivalent to approximately half of a stat. When choosing a guild, remember that the balance of powers is very much equal. That means it's always better to choose a guild for its theme or atmosphere - none of them is better or stronger than the others!
Since each of the gods has power over certain spheres, you will find that each guild has a special set of powers that the other guilds won't have, and each of them has a unique playing style.

Guild of Bards
Guild of Blademasters
Druids of Silvanus
Guild of Lycanthropes
Monks of Crom
Priests of Lathander
Sorcerers of Mystra


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