Midnight Sun 2


What's this MUD thingy anyway?
What's the difference between a LPMud and any other MUD?

Do I need any special program to connect to Midnight Sun?

What is a mud client?
Is there a mud client for system ...?
I can't connect to Midnight Sun. What's up?
I can connect but get immediately disconnected again.

Does Midnight Sun have/allow...

Hmm but I want those things you don't have ... now what ?

Someone just said X, what does that mean?

Can I kill the monster Foo?
How long is it until that room/monster/object resets?
Can you reset this room for me?

I want to code here, can you instant-wiz me ?
I like your mud, can I have a copy of the lib (or parts thereof)

Why aren't there any more answers to frequently asked questions here?