Lord and Lady Castles

In the vicinity of the Central Castle a number of differently coloured castles have risen to supply housing to the elite of Midnight Sun's population. The esteemed members of our community are granted their own home in the realms. After someone reaches the rank of lord or lady, he or she may apply for a building spot in one of these castles. After obtaining a piece of property the owners may request further upgrades for their homes. Upgrades may involve the type of housing, but also the color of the walls or placement of windows. The inner furnishings of any home are completely customizable - the only limit is your imagination.

At this point, the following castles are available:


The black castle.
The blue castle.
The emerald castle.
The green castle.
The grey castle.
The onyx castle.
The orange castle.
The pink castle.
The red castle.
The violet castle.
The white castle.
The yellow castle.



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