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The Druid Guild

The druid guild was created in 1992 by Galadriel, the Goddess of Light and Tranquility, as the first guild under the midnight sun.

The Druids of Midnight Sun are those who have come to live in such harmony with the world around them that they can command its very materials. The four elements, wild forest creatures, crystals, plant extracts, even the plants themselves can be trained by a skilled druid to do their bidding and help them in the quest for natural balance, in order to please their god, Silvanus.

Druids depend upon wisdom to train themselves in the arts of Nature. Whether they concentrate on the aspects of animal life, plantlife, or the more abstract concept of the living spirit, any druid must acquire more wisdom to learn and understand in greater detail, and cast more powerful spells.

Silvanus frowns upon extremities of alignment. Good or evil druids will find their spells weaken; as they turn against even a few of the forces of nature, they cannot rely so much upon the others.

In the forest of Llorien, the realms of the Lady Galadriel, goddess of light and tranquility and the founder of the Guild, the Seven Circles lie hidden from all but the eyes of the Druids. To join with them and the forces of nature, it is necessary to ask a member of the Druid clan to enroll you. Fear not; they are a friendly people, who are likely not only to welcome you with open arms, but also be founts of knowledge about the realms.


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