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The Bard Guild


Bards are the newest guild to appear under the Midnight Sun. Originally little more than a motly collection of misfits who could play the odd instrument, they quickly began to form a much more powerful and skillful form of guild. Bards themselves began to exhibit powers of Song, Music and Showmanship that would border on the supernatual to an outsider. However as every good Bard knows, those are just some of the "tricks of the trade" that any bard worth his salt will pick up if he spends enough time in the local pub, sharing a few ales with the masters of the "guild".

The Songs of a bard can help boost a party's power in combat.

The Showmanship of a bard can help them in combat.

The Music of a Bard can help beguile a foe and help both friend and foe.


Bards are not the strongest guild under the Midnight Sun, but they have quickly found a home in any party of adventurers, due to their Party boosting abilities and Charismatic auras.


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