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Allegiances in Aldar

As the soldiers of Aldar Castle are having trouble fighting off pirates, they have decided to allow brave adventurers to swear allegiance to them, and help defeat the pirates. When you swear allegiance, you recieve a small medallion that tells the soldiers you are their ally. Thus, they will not kill you before they realise you are not a pirate. The benefit of swearing allegiance is that you can receive a large reward for killing the leader of the pirates. This reward can be claimed by bringing proof that you have slain the leader to the constable's office in the castle.

The pirates have also decided to recruit adventurers into their ranks. If you can find their secret hideout, you will be able to swear allegiance to them, and help them loot and pillage. If you kill the leader of the soldiers, the pirates will give you a handsome reward. When you are allied with the pirates, you can sometimes participate in a raid. When you are on a raid, pirates will come to your aid when you are fighting soldiers.

When you are allied with a certain side, you will not be able to kill your allies, and they will not attack you. The members of the other side, however, will not hesitate to destroy you. When you are allied with neither side, you can attack both the soldiers and the pirates, however, you will not be elligible for any rewards or benefits.

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