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Game Rules

To ensure an atmosphere of fair-play, both players and immortals are asked to keep to a set of rules. In general, our mud is very friendly. Please be considerate of others and remember that there are real live people on the other end.

Player rules

There are a number of basic rules on Midnight Sun that all players must follow. In the unfortunate event that a rule is broken, players will have their actions judged and a sentence delivered by an administrator of Midnight Sun.

I. Quest hinting is forbidden.

Players are not to give help or ask for help in solving quests. Cooperation is allowed only to aid in combat. All players must have arrived at that stage of the quest independently. Thus there is only an advantage in asking a higher level player who has already solved the quest to assist in combat. If you aren't sure if something is a quest hint, don't say it!

II. Taking advantage of known bugs is forbidden.

Please report all bugs as soon as possible. This can be done with the command 'bug <message>'. As with quest hinting, abuse of bugs may end up in banishment. If possible, please file your report in the area where the bug took place.

III. Creating multiple characters is forbidden.

Players who achieve level 21 gain the ability to make a second character. Under no other circumstances are you allowed to make multiple characters. This will almost certainly end in banishment of all related accounts. This includes use of the 'guest' account.

IV. Poll logins are not allowed.

In other words, you may not have more than one connection open to Midnight Sun at any given time.

V. Inappropriate actions are not tolerated on this mud.

The level of impropriety will be determined by how the receiving party judged your actions. For example, if you make unwanted advances on another player then that is innapropriate. Please check first. This rule includes but is not limited to communication on public channels – do not use inappropriate language or discuss topics that make others uncomfortable. Only English is allowed on public channels, talking in a language others don't understand is a rude thing to do. If you find that another player is uncomfortable or bothered by your actions, or if you receive a warning from an immortal, please do not continue. The penalty for violating this rule is determined by the actions of the player.

VI. Robot playing is not allowed.

Robot playing means you have a program doing things for you, be it a mud client or whatever. Robot playing includes, but is not limited to: keepalive-programs, autologin scripts, experience/money gatherers and most automatic things. Using aliases and such in a client is OK. To determine if something is or isn't allowed is pretty easy. if the answer to the following question is yes it is considered illegal: "Does it react automatically to something I receive from the mud?" Note that 'react' means that it sends a command back to the mud. Triggers for coloring certain messages etc. are not illegal.

Finally, a request: Please, take time to show newbies the areas appropriate for them in our realms. These players rise quickly and will likely be fighting side by side with you in no time. Remember, everyone started at level 1.

Immortal rules

Not only players, but immortals too are subject to a firmly defined set of rules. Listed here is a small portion of those rules that are relevant to players. The omitted rules mostly deal with building restrictions and balance.

I. You are NOT allowed to help players or affect them in any way.

This includes resetting rooms, giving out quest hints, giving out any object etc. The only thing you are allowed to do is explain the basic commands to a player, like 'say', 'wield' and similar. If a player lost points due to a bug, he/she MUST talk to an administrator about their problem.

II. Never attack or kill a player or threaten him/her.

If a player behaves badly, file a complaint to an administrator. You have finished playing and should therefore interact as little as possible with mortal players. You must not abuse players (or other wizards for that matter).

III. Do not make 'deadly' traps.

A player must never die because he/she didn't know what would happen in the next room. If a room is very dangerous, make some hints (like giant footprints outside a giant's lair).

IV. Never generate messages, monsters or other things that look like something they're not.

That is, don't try to fool the player into thinking that someone says something when it isn't true, a mouse should be tough as a mouse and not as a dragon etc. If you are not certain if a message is ok to use, then you should not use it until you've checked with a senior.

V. No numbers should be given out, ever.

The only numbers a player gets are those available from their 'score' command.